Different Types of Offers that You can create using Every Possible Discount App

Buy X for Y Dollars

Check out the Jewellery Category for a Demo

Buy X Get Y

Check out the Fashion Category for a Demo

Conditional Discount

Check out the Home Decor Category for a Demo

Tiered Discount(Volume Discount)

Check out the Snowboards Category for a Demo

Buy x products for y price shopify discount

BUY X for Y $

Create discounts that give a customer a specific set of products at a fixed price for a particual number of items. For example, "Buy and 3 T-shirts for $99", etc.

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Advanced buy x get y shopify discount

Advanced Buy X Get Y

Create Advanced condition for X and Y, like cart qualification, product qualifiers on the basis of collection, product type, product tags, cart subtotal, customer qualifier, etc.

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tiered and volume discounts shopify

Tiered Discounts

Create tiers on the basis of product quantity or subtotal to provide tiered or volume discounts.

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Advanced condition based discounts shopify

Conditional Discounts

Create any possible condition like cart qualification, product qualifiers on the basis of collection, product type, product tags, cart subtotal, customer qualifier, etc.

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About the App

Successor to Shopify Scripts(Only Plus) that can be used on any Shopify Plan

Are the limitations of Shopify's default discount options holding back your store's potential? Look no further than Every Possible Discount, the premier Shopify discount app that unlocks a realm of tailored discount strategies. Harness the flexibility of Shopify Functions and supercharge your business with captivating promotions.

Key Features:

  • Buy X for Y$: Elevate your discounting game with the renowned "Buy X for Y$" technique. Also recognized as "Buy X Get Y for Z" or "Buy X For $Y Fixed Value," this innovative approach empowers your customers to handpick X products from your extensive inventory or designated collections at an irresistible fixed price.
  • Buy X Get Y: Ignite shopping excitement through classic "Buy X Get Y" deals. Motivate bigger purchases as patrons receive complimentary or reduced-price items upon fulfilling specific conditions.
  • Tiered Discounts: Catapult average order values with tiered discounts. Offer enticing incentives such as "Buy 2 items, get 10% off; buy 4 items, get 20% off," fostering a mutually beneficial scenario for your customers and your revenue.
  • Conditional Discounts: For any other discount that does not lie within the above 3 discounts. You can create advanced conditions such as discount capping(for example: Get 10% off upto $10) and mix-match any number of conditions.

Why Every Possible Discount?

Our cutting-edge app capitalizes on the potency of Shopify Functions, extending beyond standard discounting capabilities to metamorphose your store into a dynamic discount playground. Cultivate a distinct shopping encounter that entices customers, ensuring their continued engagement and return visits.

Liberate your marketing ingenuity and magnify your profit margins with Every Possible Discount. Elevate your Shopify store with unparalleled discount strategies today.

Ready to amplify your sales prowess? Discover Every Possible Discount now and witness a surge in conversion rates. Your pathway to success starts here.